How To Start A Home Business For Tax Benefits By Telling Stories

Are you a storyteller?  Do you like to hear stories?  Do you tell stories?  Can you learn how to share stories?  How would you like to build a business by sharing stories?  And are you interested in learning how to start a home business for tax benefits, keeping more of your own money withh tax deductions plus adding additional income to your financial porfolio?

We have lots of stories to tell at Shaklee.  We can give you stories and help you develop your own stories.  Our stories are centered around helping people:  to feel better and to have a better life.  At Shaklee, we have been telling our stories – that benefit others – and offering a better life to people, in terms of health and more income, for over 55 years!

When you provide people with valuable products that change their lives, and give them the opportunity to tell other people about these remarkable products (stories), it becomes a way to have a better life.  To create another source of income, to build wealth because these are consumable products that people re-order each month, and to enjoy the benefits of making a difference in people’s lives.

Small Business Tax Breaks

Tax benefits are one advantage of owning a home business or small business.  You immediately keep more of your present income because purchases and expenses that you already have that were previously not deductible now become business expenses that are tax deductible.  You will pay less money in taxes and keep more of your own money.

There are many more benefits to owning your own business.  You increase your overall income.  You are the boss of this area of your work life.  You begin to work for your own dreams, not the dreams of your 9-5 job’s boss or that business owner, and you can set and reach goals that may have not been available to you without another source of income.  There is also the pride that comes in building your own business.

I Want To Start A Home Based Business

Now, if you want to start a brick and mortar business, buy a franchise, or even an existing business, it could be years before you are in the ‘black’, or start to see an income.  It is also a lot more work owning or renting physical (business) property and having employees and regular business hours.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  There are other business models where there is much less of an investment and at the same time the opporunity to be in the ‘black’ your very first month.

Network marketing is a very old business platform, and is also called social marketing.  In this home business model, your work is based out of your home.  You research and join an existing company with a strong workforce of independent business owners and a valuable product or service that is high quality, respected and in demand in the marketplace.  You want to be in industries that are growing and where there will be a need in the future as well.

When you join the network marketing industry you can enjoy all the benefits of owning your own home based business.  You can earn additional income and enjoy being able to choose how much you work and how much you earn.  You can also earn other incentives that most people do not have the ability to earn in regular jobs or most career paths.  These include new cars, travel in the US and all over the world, and the opportunity to choose with whom you want to work.

How To Start A Home Business

Whether $500 extra a month is your goal, or if it is to make $90K, yes ninty thousand dollars, in the next 90 days, there is a plan for you.  What is required on your part is to allow yourself to dream, make a commitment to work your plan to reach your goals, and then go to work.  Another great advantage of network marketing is that you have support and assistance available.  There is an existing team in place to make your progress that much quicker if you are willing to work your business.

To learn more about how to start a home business for tax benefits, using network marketing as your business platform, email  or call 814-931-8041 today.

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Small Business Tax Breaks for High Income Earners

Are you making a good income?

..And paying a lot of your money in income taxes?

Would you like to learn how you can keep more of your money and at the same time build income you control?

Does keeping an average of $3 – 5K your first year sound good?  After all, it is your money!

If you are part of corporate America, maybe you would welcome putting some efforts into building or growing ‘your own thing’! It is part of the American Dream to own your own business – whether it is a very part-time, small effort to help pay debt or buy some extras OR something larger that will BUILD WEALTH.  You can even leave the business to your family, as a legacy, years down the road.

Creating multiple streams of income is what builds wealth:  keeping more of your tax dollars + making additional income from a small home business + saving/investing your earnings =  Wealth Creation.

Who knows, you could be like Dan or Rick, George, Jennifer or many others  who started a small home business part-time and later left corporate America when they started making significantly more by being their own boss than they did through their J-O-B.

To buy a franchise or start a brick and mortar business you will earn tax deductions but you will also need a huge investment and have a lot of headaches such as employees, large bills, a ton of your time required, and even customer service issues.

A much better alternative is to start a small home business where you partner with an established brand by becoming an Independent Contractor – it still gives you small business tax deductions, still offers lucrative money to be made, and has a much lower price point to get started.

Immediate Tax Deductions – $3 – 5K per year average

When you start a small business, you immediately start deducting expenses that you already pay from your annual income – and begin to lower your tax bill and keep more of your own money.

Expense such as:

Internet Service
Cell Phone & Monthly Bill
Entertainment Expenses
Automobile or Transportation Expenses
Gym or Recreation Memberships
Home Office Deduction
Cable TV
Health Insurance
Other Insurance (Home, Auto)
And More

As an example, if you are earning $60,000 per year and paying $10K in federal income tax, you can deduct your expenses from the $60K BEFORE you figure your tax.  That’s an immediate way to keep more of your own money.

To become an Independent Contractor, your entire small investment of $299 or $750 is 100% tax deductible AND it’s all you need to start your business, earn tax deductions and build wealth.

The extra income you earn as a small home business owner can help you get out of debt, improve your lifestyle, and live your dreams.  It’s your own business that you control – without the pressure of a boss, corporate regulations or stressful situations.

You are an Independent Distributor and you make the decision how, where and when you work.  Your primary task is to market the products we represent.  The important thing to know is that the products are the foundation of our business and what is responsible for the highest customer retention rate in our industry:  they are the very best quality and they WORK – 100% guaranteed!

You will not have the cost (or work) of developing a support system (this is powerful)..

..Because you will have the legacy of a 54 year old brand behind you, a marketing team, a legal team, a customer service team, an order and shipping team, a payment service, and even an incentives and travel planning team – at no extra cost to you .  All you do is GET THE WORD OUT!

Product orders are taken and paid securely from your own web store.  Next they are shipped for you and the order/payment/shipping customer experience is entirely supported by the brand’s customer service system.  You focus on marketing an already established brand with remarkable products that have been changing lives for over half a century – and you only work your business as much as you choose.

Once you have made the decision to start a home business opportunity, the main thing that is required to enjoy home business tax deductions is that you have the intent to earn income.  Your  whole initial investment is tax deductible your first year, as well as many other expenses that you already pay each month.

Starting to sound good? We have made this very easy for you.  After you purchase your small home business program for a nominal charge (click on Start a Home Business above), the next thing you do is to start saving receipts that you can deduct from your income.  NOW, things that you were already paying for become tax deductible.


About now you may be thinking that starting a home business sounds a little too easy.  Well, you would be correct.  It is easy, and it’s also duplicatable.

If keeping more of your own money and building another stream of income is appealing to you, do you think it would be appealing to others as well?

The good news is that starting a small home business in the United States is available to everyone.  You can pass along this same opportunity that you have so that others can benefit as well.  Having more money to pay debt, spend and save is something that is desirable to most people.

As you tell other people that they qualify for these same benefits of owning a small home business – when you travel, eat out or go to the gym, etc. –  the money you spend at any of those activities are now tax-deductible expenses.

The opportunity to pay this forward and tell others how it can help them is the way you grow your business and your income.

Every time you talk about the products your represent or the income/tax savings opportunity, it is a small business tax deduction. Wherever you are (think about your present entertainment expenses and the fact that there are people there that you can ‘talk casually about business with – just like lots of business deals are discussed and closed on the golf course and other entertainment events), and whatever you are spending, it is now a small business tax break.  It is also how you earn more income because when you find others that are interested your business grows.

Books you read about your business, any training you elect to take,  your vehicle, your cable bill, your home and a lot of other expenses may now qualify as deductions.

You are afforded all of these because you own a small home business. Check out the Tax Benefits and Tax Deductions links above to learn more.  Record keeping is not hard and does not take much of your time.  The benefits are far greater than the work involved and this is a FUN business.

You are the boss. You choose how to run your business.  You choose how much you work or how much extra money you want to make.  You choose how much fun to have.  You choose if you would like to earn a new car (yes! we have a car program).  You choose if you want to travel (we are going to San Francisco, Washington D.C., Atlantis Resort Bahamas and Bora Bora next year!).  You choose how many dollars you save on your tax bill.

Start a Small Home Business

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