Why You Should Start a Small Home Business TODAY!

Would you like to put an additional $5,000 worth of spending money per year in your pocket – whether or not you actually succeed your first year?

How can you do that?

When you start a small home business, you are entitled to the small business ownership benefits of tax deductions.

You can RE-CLAIM thousands of dollars that you would otherwise pay in taxes – money from your job/career.

The same tax laws that give corporate businesses their tax breaks also give small home business owners unique deductions from your daily life.

Any expenses that contribute to your intent to make a profit from your small business are tax deductible!  (Click the Tax Benefits & Tax Deduction tabs above for specific deductions.)

How does this help you the very first year?

1-  You have your income from your job and you are already paying significant income tax on that money.
2-  When you start a small home business, expenses you are already taking become tax deductible.
3-  Those amounts are deducted from your present income.
4-  The new tax you owe is figured on the LOWER income, and results in a tax bill that can be $3-5,000.00 lower your very first year.
5-  Plus, don’t forget, you have the opportunity to grow your income from your business as well.

Small Business Ownership Rocks!

You work your day job for your boss (or the corporation) – wouldn’t it be great to build something for yourself?

Work at your business a few hours a day or a few hours a week – whatever you have.  Just do it consistently.

Use the internet.  Talk to people offline – tell them how they can keep their hard-earned tax money – people want to know this.   And it grows your business!

Work your business however you choose – YOU ARE THE BOSS and there are tons of ways to market.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Partner

Of course you can buy a franchise or start a brick and mortar business to get your tax deductions.

BIG HEADACHE and VERY EXPENSIVE to do both of those.

The alternative is to become an Independent Distributor and partner with an established business.

You are still starting a small business.  You are still the boss.  You still get the tax deductions.

And you still have the opportunity to earn as much as you would owning a national franchise – only you can do it faster!

There are lots of companies that will offer you an independent contractor position.  However, many are here today and gone tomorrow.

The reason you need to partner with a reputable brand is because:

1-  You will be representing the product or service and it should be the best
2-  You want to make sure they have longevity and will be around when you leave your business to your children (yes, create a legacy)
3-  You want the brand to have a track record of leadership, integrity, growth and the best compensation plan.
4-  You want a company that is going to help you succeed – you can get as much help as you would like – or as little.  You are the Boss!

I have been associated with Shaklee for 28 years and the company is 54 years old.

For all of that time they have been the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the United States.

Shaklee was the first Climate Neutral company in the U.S. and has been a leader in environmental efforts across the board.

The brand helps empower Olympic athletes and men and women like you and me all across the country and now around the world!

We are presently in 6 countries and you can do business in all of them from the comfort of your home computer if you like.

Together with Shaklee, we Independent Distributors change lives by offering products that are guaranteed to help people – 100% satsifaction, money back guaranteed!

After using the products for about 18 years I became a distributor because I had a passion to help people FEEL BETTER, offer them a financial opportunity to DO BETTER, and to get those tax breaks myself!

I invite you to join us.  The investment is minimal when you consider you have the opportunity to make (and save) lucrative dollars.  Click:  Start a Home Business.

See recent:  SMALL BUSINESS TAX BREAKS Press Release

More on TAXES:

Think about this:  When you discuss business while out to lunch or dinner with co-workers and friends, your meal is 50 percent tax deductible.  For that matter, so are theater and sports event tickets, and other expenses relating to entertainment.

(Remember, because we represent products that all people use in their daily lives, everyone is a potential prospect or customer business!)

Travel is deductible, whether it be to an industrial center or an island resort, if the purpose is to hold an opportunity meeting, to discuss business with other travelers, or to attend a seminar.  Can’t we find time on vacation to talk a little business?

Your spouse’s travel can even be deductible if his or her presence is helpful in your business matters.

Home computers, fax machines, telephones, office supplies, and office furniture are also fully tax deductible.

You can also deduct wages paid to your children for help in the business, and if those children are under 14 and have no other sources of income, all wages under $4,000 per year are tax free. It’s a great way to help save for college with Uncle Sam’s help!

The IRS’s only requirement is that you legitimately treat your small home business as a business – not a hobby.  That means regularly working your business.

With the health care situation in the country still in transition, you may benefit from the small business advantage of a medical expense reimbursement plan.

You can pay with pre-tax dollars for expenses like braces, eyeglasses and visits to the doctor if properly structured through a qualified medical expense reimbursement plan — this is easy to do with standard forms.

More about taxes in the Tax Deductions and Tax Benefits tabs above.

Start a Small Home Business TODAY!

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